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Blackjack has been one of the staples of the betting world for over 300 years. Blackjack online keeps the same format but has added different variations for you to enjoy more. Blackjack online allows you to pit your skills against the dealer. Choose between free blackjack or play for real money, the choice is yours. Free blackjack online will help you learn the basic strategy to give you higher odds of winning. With blackjack for free, you can also win real money on some sites so it’s worth having a good look around at the free casino games that are available.

Hundreds of sites offer the chance of free blackjack so it’s important to find the right website for you

If you are already a member of a casino then there is a very good chance that they will offer some form of free black jack. If you are currently learning different versions of the game, then we recommend to play blackjack online free no download option. The advantages of this is that you save space on your device. You may opt for blackjack free download, this way, you don’t have to play through your browser, just click into the downloaded app and you’re ready to play blackjack online for free immediately.

Try out different ways of playing when you enter a free blackjack online option to play at

Although the rules of blackjack are easy, there’s still different ways to master the game that blackjack online free can help with. Remember that you are only trying to beat the dealer and not other players around the table. Blackjack free games can help you develop into a player who knows when to hit and when to stand. There is luck involved but by learning the basic strategy through free blackjack games for fun, you can enter a level of skill into the equation.

You can also use blackjack for free as a therapeutic way of relaxing and just enjoying your game play

Don’t think that online blackjack free has to be a route into playing for real cash at any point. Blackjack free can simply be a means of entertainment. Many people play free blackjack just because they enjoy the game. They have no intention of playing for real money so free online blackjack is the perfect place for them. You still get the thrill of placing the bet, playing your hands and experience the anticipation, just without the chance of losing any cash.

Don’t settle on the first free black jack option that you come across, have a look around at what’s available

Using different sites will help you find the version of the game that you enjoy the most. Where land based casinos may only offer you 5 or 6 tables to play at, the internet world offers thousands so by taking your time, you may find a better option. The fact that it is such a popular game means that the classic version will always be available, and a number of new versions will always be released to try to give you an alternate experience.

If you are completely new, then blackjack free is the best place to log on to and learn the rules

Whenever you are gambling for real money, you want to know the rules. This is a very simple game. The value of the cards are the face value, all the cards with a picture give 10 and an ace can be either 1 or 11. You are dealt 2 cards, both face down, while the dealer receives 2 cards, 1 face up and 1 face down so from the word go, you know 50% of the dealers hand. The aim of the game is to get 21 or as close to it with 2 or more cards. If you go over 21, you bust and lose. The dealer has to stand or stick on 17 or above whereas you can stand on any amount. If you get 2 of the same number card, i.e two cards that have the face value of 7, you can choose to split and then you play 2 hands with one 7 in each of them. If the card that the dealer gives to themselves that is face up is an ace, you also have the choice to take out insurance to cover yourself of them having a blackjack hand which is an ace and any card scores 10 points. As long as your hand beats the dealer’s hand, you win. It’s that simple.

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